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assessing individual needs

The plan also includes the level of assistance necessary. Our re-enabling approach supports the individual to carry out tasks with the minimum assistance necessary for safety. We always aim to promote independent living skills. To achieve this, we focus on forming a partnership with the Service User, providing a level of support that helps them to understand and make informed decisions regarding their own care.

The plan upholds the core care values of dignity, respect, independence, privacy, fulfilment and choice, always taking account the Service User’s personal, cultural and social preferences.

Our flexible approach to healthcare provision allows us to make adjustments around cultural sensitivities. This is particularly important around events of cultural significance, such as Ramadan, when special provisions may need to be made for food and visit times may require moving. An example of our ability to adjust our methods according to cultural sensibilities is in how the times of prayer at one of our Service User’s local Mosque change regularly. Our holistic, person-focused approach allows us to work with the Service User to provide a service that is flexible to their requirements.

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