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We have been helping our local community for over 7 years, find out what makes us such a success

Our History

The Personal Support Network was established by Tracey Gunn, Lisa McCallay and Ruth Jameson in 2010.

Tracey, Lisa and Ruth have between them have a vast experience of supporting people with social care needs. They developed Personal Support Network to give individuals with differing Abilities a real opportunity to develop their independence and life skills and to enable them to enjoy many more of the freedoms and experiences that most of us take for granted.

The Personal Support Network has a team of experienced and qualified management and support staff. Our aim is to provide the highest levels of care and service to all the individuals we support. We do this by ensuring that our care staff are recruited, vetted and trained against a strict framework, with emphasis placed on the quality and continuity of our support workers to provide a stable and secure environment for individuals.

Mission Statement

We are the provider of choice for quality home care services. Our primary goal is to maintain and enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of others, with the support of our dedicated and trustworthy employees we continue to Strive to raise the standards and quality of home care provisions, to an unsurpassed level of personal care across Middlesbrough.

Our Vision

The Personal Support Network will continue to provide the best personal service with the utmost respect to our Individuals, employees and those in the community that we serve.

Our vision is to build the most trusted home care company in and the surrounding areas. We excel at high quality care delivery and management. This means we make important investments in our service and especially in our employees who deserve to be rewarded for un-matched service and dedication.

What makes our staff different is passion for not only serving the physical health care needs of a Individual, but also the emotional needs of the Individual and their family. We go above and beyond the standard care duties to make personal connections with Individuals that can make all the difference in health and wellbeing.

The Personal Support Network believes that, for services to be effective, they should be based on sound values and principles and an understanding of the fundamental and individual needs of people.

Our Values


All individuals, whatever their circumstances, have the right to be treated with dignity and respect


All individuals have the right to be left alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion if they choose to. This is taken into account in the formulation of Support Plans, and will only be overridden in exceptional circumstances, and with the knowledge of the individual or their advocate.


An Individual’s confidentiality is, wherever possible, maintained. However, it may be necessary for the benefit of the service user or others to share personal information with either other professionals or organisations in line with GDPR requlations.


Individuals, because of their circumstances (eg age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, culture, religion or nationality) may find themselves in circumstances in which discrimination can occur. The Personal Support Network strives to promote equality and challenge discrimination where it arises.


Individuals have the right to be heard and to be fully involved and informed on all aspects of their support. Methods of communication are appropriate to the particular abilities and experiences of each individual and are tailored to each particular set of circumstances.

Promoting Independence

Individuals are enabled to act independently. Personalised support plans are aimed at maximising the individuals’ capacity for making choices about their own lives.

Fulfilment and Choice

Every Individual, whatever their circumstances, has the potential for development, and the right to hold personal aspirations. Within the boundaries set by legislation and professional ethics, individuals are encouraged in achieving their personal goals. Personalised support is designed to be accessible and flexible, promoting ordinary lifestyles and based upon Individuals’ own choice.

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